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Trying Out This Particular Moddb "Feature" See what I did there?

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Howdy all my Moddb Minions... I MEAN COMRADES! Because I totally didn't add mind controlling programs into Moddb, I mean that would be... ahem. Nevermind.

I'm just gonna take that part out.


So hey I'm thinking of starting to write little articles with reviews, observations, and other random stuff. But I don't really want to take down my blog, so I am researching the possibility of using this "Feature."

Hehe, I did it again. Anyway, this is just a test article basically so don't get your hopes up.

Actually, that's all I'll write for now.

MattmanDude out...

Oh PS: Ignore that bit at the top, and if you already read it remember... You saw nothing. MIND CONTROL ACTIVATE

PSS (or is it PPS?): I had to link this to a group apparently so I linked it to my Redneck/Cowboy Group. This doesn't really have anything to do with that group but... meh... w/e.

MattmanDude Author

Okay well, seeing as I cannot keep this contained on my page I guess I won't be doing this after all. :/

Also for some reason I cannot delete this article. Odd.

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