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After couple days after publishing v0.3 for download i've recieved some bad infos about bugs that interrupt gameplay and player can't go further. Here you can get info how to get rid of those bugs.

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I want to apologize at the beginning, for that i haven't checked properly v0.3 before publishing. Mod kismets source is so big that i can't even check every possibility in short peroid of time. I'm really sorry for that. So this are the bugs (with incoming patch they would be fixed) that some people encountered and me after deep checking:

  1. Berserk wave doesn't end (if failed or not)(waves 1-5);
  2. Assasination doesn't end too if objective failed (locust ould keep spawning endlessly);
  3. Leader in waves 1-5 is slow as slime and hasn't got weapon;
  4. Sometimes killing ticker (after first encounter of this locust), wave incidentally ends;
  5. Hopefully get rid of infinite UI Screens;

For apologize i added some new character abbilites and some thing that would make game easier:

  1. buyable slow motion (Max Payne abbility, cost 1000$, usage: after buying click "C" button to activate, for 5 seconds time is slowed and you are invincible and do more damage)
  2. buyable Incidental Ammo (abbility, cost 300$, usage for 20 seconds your character do 2x more damage than normal)
  3. after death player can choose 1 of three points to respawn (no costs :P, while you move cursor above button you can see how looks place to respawn to avoid spawning in the middle of hell :P )

While you would be able to get patch Moddb.com you have to unpack archive in, for example:

C:\Users\YourMother\Documents\My Games\Gears of War for Windows\WarGame\Published\CookedPC

Hope no more such bugs in future.

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