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For a long time there wasn't any big new about this mod. So here it is, like cocaine for a junkie, dose of news about H.I.V.E Mode incoming 0.3 version of this mod.

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As I said earlier that I would apply execution rules, I have to tell you that v0.3 wouldn't contain execution rules (maybe future version mod would contain this, but not v0.3 - it's because of player respawn system incompability). I've placed in mod main site a development log, so anyone interersted in this mod can read it.

Other good news:

  • in v0.3 would be 11 waves;
  • additional wavetype;
  • more custom locust (on each wave);
  • wider choice of soundtrack (i mean more tracks );
  • and if I would have time and if I would want to.... random quests between waves;
  • repaired Flame boomer & flame grenadier;
  • v0.2 bugs repaired;
  • and other things that I forgot to write;


in log if any section has "?" that's mean that isn't 100% certain that would be in v0.3

Thanks in advance
Any pictures or movies that presents v0.3 progress would be uploaded in nearest future.


Mass Effect 3 has randomized quests every two waves. They are generally a pain in the ***.

Just saying.

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bmbr1990 Author

i thougth about quest that you can accept or not, for your choice

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just want more GOW 2 ,3 model to kill,lol....

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Don't worry man respawning is good enough

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