Are you shy to share your knowledge about those classic NES cartridges? Maybe shy of talking about classic games on PS1? Then here is your place! Share and discuss about the classic games you played or wished you had and share your thinkings about many characters of Old School Games! Give your preffered games a Reset!

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My opinion about the old school games I played on my childhood.

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Well, My first videogame was a PS1, oh boy htat was the best I've ever had, I bought a game almost eveyrday, I had some fun laying Alien, Tarzan an GTA 2 on it. The next one was a N64, I haven't had many games, since I couldn't find cartridges for it, but my preferred games were Mario Kart and Zelda Majora's Mask.

I haven't lived on the gold age of the videogames, the NES, the Mega Drive, those are simply the videogames I wish I could put my hands on, today I only can play those in my friends house who has a 20 year old brother that had those classic consoles.

I really think these times can't just have a Game Over, that's why I made this site, so then I can Reset and bring those good old times again for me and for you.

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