FIRST 20 PEOPLE TO JOIN GET FREE PICK OF WHAT FACTION;;;;; Mordor, ruled by the Dark Lord Sauron (the LotR) and protected by several fortresses and Nazguls. Mordor will rule Middle-Earth and destroy the Free peoples of Middle-Earth starting with Gondor. Once done, Sauron will be able to regain the Ring by killing the Ring-bearer. Legions of Mordor, Harad, and Rhun; MARCH FORTH!

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Angmar is destroyed and the reamins are the orcs of Gundabad Yet Carn dum still stands for the enemy hasn't found it

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Everything is the same as last time

The Witch-King(Leader of Angmar and Warlord of Mordor): Ten10Dix

Black Numenorian Leader(Secondary Faction leader): FREE

Wraith Assassin's (3 only): Karsh (Ak151)

Orc Lieutenant of Carn dum: FREE

Rhudaur Chieftain: FREE

Troll Chief: FREE

Gundabad Orc King: FREE

Mountain Giant:

Hill Troll:

Snow Troll:

Mountain Troll:

Sorcerer of Carn dum: FREE

Black Guard of Carn dum:

Black Ranger:

Carn dum Knight:

Carn dum Archer:

Nobles of Rhudaur:

Rhudaur Axethrowers:

Swordsmen of Carn dum:

Spearmen of Carn dum:

Orc of Gundabad:

Rhudaur Axemen:

Rhudaur Spearmen:

Barrow Wight:

Orc archer:

Orc Swordsmen:

Orc Spearmen:

Orc Slave:

Hobbit Slave:

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