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Post news Report content RSS feed What races would you like to see in System Lords?

The picture isn't necessary related to the question. Lots of races out there. Expansions to the game will be added in the future adding in more races. Post some ideas on what races you would like to see.

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Later on in the future System Lords will be releasing expansions to the game. Each race will have their own console interface and be very unique in game play. So please post some ideas on the direction you would like the game to go. Keep in mind the game takes place 1000 years before the Jaffa rebellion.


Maybe something completely unrelated. such as one the same but in the Pegasus galaxy or The ORI galaxy which i forget the name of.

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What races would we like to see?

Well, according to SG-1, before Tauri get it how to manage Stargate and before Ra was eliminated, there was just some bunch of goaulds. Apart from them there ware asgards in Milky Way, some Replicators in Pegasus and asgard's galaxy, and wraiths in Pegasus. Ori didnt knew about Milky Way, and they was in their galaxy.

I think i did'nt forget someone else
Anyway, the more races will be there, the better it would be!

There might was some unbeknown encounters of Lords with some kind of Ori's, wraith's or replicator explorers that we dont know about and which been destroyed by goaulds

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According to SG-1, The Serrakins freed some humans from goauld eslavement,forming a civilization on Hebridan, they could be added as a nice race.

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You may even add Nakai but idk it may be stupid idea!

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And Ancients aswell

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