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Mass Effect is a trilogy! Okay, everybody knows. But a trilogy brings some changes over the episodes. Casey Hudson, project manager of the series, we explained that the second episode was intended deliberately darker as he accompanied the advance of the storyline. Suddenly, Casey tells us that Mass Effect 3 will be epic conclusion to the series, although with a few strained passages but also a lot more humor than the previous opus. It promises!

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Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games (the original Unreal engine) has released the info: Mass Effect 3 will use the Unreal Engine 3, as his two illustrious seniors. No wonder we will tell you, especially as the series is intended to be a trilogy and that consistency is de rigueur at every level, visually speaking also.


huh but i liked the darkness in mass effect! it was kinda dark at moments but i dont want a comedy game i still want the deep story of me2 please bioware not too light keep atleast some of the dark i love the deep story please bioware dont screw it up!

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I agree,ME has one of the best storylines I´ve seen and the darker atmosphere in ME2 was even better,I can hardly imagine much humour in such series...

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Until a source is cited let it be known this is ONLY A RUMOUR!!!

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fourat Author

it's comfirmed by the project manager of the series!

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