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Change your zombies to any of the following zombie toons - DOOM3, Predator, Shade, and Wretch.

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Tired of having the same zombies to fight with? Change your humdrum battles with the Goeppinger's UT2004 mod. Just change a few lines in your KFGametype.uc file from your KFMod.u file. Follow the instructions below:

1. Extract the KFMod.u file by running CMD on START. Click on START, then RUN. Then type cmd. You will then get the console.

2. Then you extract KFMod.u by typing CODE below. Open the console and type "cd c:\program files\unreal tournament 2004\system". Hit enter.

cd c:\program files\unreal tournament 2004\system

3. Then you type "ucc batchexport KFMod class uc -mod=KFMod20 ..\KFMod\Classes". Hit enter.

ucc batchexport KFMod class uc -mod=KFMod20 ..\KFMod\Classes

4. Then you'll get the KFMod.u file. Open that file by double-clicking on the folder, then on the subfolder, Classes. Go down to the KFGametype.uc file. Open it the notepad. Scroll down to the lines just a little above the bottom. And make the changes in the following lines. Copy/paste the CODE below to those lines.

     MonsterClassName(0)="KFChar.ZombieWretch" // Replaced these monsters with DOOM3 characters

5. As always, SAVE your changes. Then you have to compile the KFMod folder by using the CMD or console and type the following CODE:

ucc make KFMod -mod=KFMod20

NOTE: You must have the following Goeppinger mods installed in order to do this - all of the Predator mod, Alien mod, and DOOM3 mod.

Click here to go to Shaun Goeppinger's mod. For screenshots look at pictures above (Latest Screens).

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