We are the people of the hapes cluster consisted of 63 planets. We rule from Hapes and we follow our queen mother. Over time our people have been bred from beautiful people. "Never let a man become so deluded as to believe that he is the intellectual equal of a woman. It only leads him to evil." ―Hapan saying

since this war has gone on to long, the Hapes Consortium shall aid the Jedi Order

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~ I queen Emily T'a Chume have decided to lead our people into war. I am doing this because we need to end this war. We are aiding the Jedi since they need the help. Our mighty navy shall help in space while our special trained soldiers fight on the ground. I hope that with us fighting in the war that it shall end. I hope to see every Hapan contributing in this. I know this is risky but I queen Emily T'a Chume shall be leading Hapan Navy forces in space from the Star Home.~

Queen Mother Emily T'a Chume

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