Well, pretty much this is a group for teenagers. (Not like I hate you adults out there! :P) Anyways, welcome teens! :) Here you can hang out with people of close to your range of age. So there is a chance you might make new friends! You can also talk about whatever you want! Like what's your favorite music, movies, T.V. Shows, etc... Well, hope you enjoy your visit! Peace out! - Rexango-XV

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Hello random person viewing this post. Ok, I'll be completely honest here. This group, is kinda boring now. ._. I know, people don't get on this website as often... we all have a life after all. So, those who do still visit this page once in a while... guess what? You can add stuff if you want. Anything, just something not inappropriate. T.T All member have the right to add stuff.... sorry, should've done this sooner. Anyways, you guys should stop being so... "Anti social"... Try at least, we're all friends. Right?

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