the image tells you, but here are the rules, if there is only the player character, put it in images, but if there is more characters, then put it in the downloads folder, ok, now look at the preview image, this group is to put game faces, and then put actors faces, who look like the game faces, :3

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we make game to real, we use game faces, and real faces, and if they look a like, then if somebody makes a movie, of the game, they could use those actors,

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i making the first download, and its of gta 3 characters, who could be good, for a movie

what you have to do, is get a pic of a game face, and a real face, who look, tons a like, and then just, put them in images

but if there is more, then one put all of your, pics in a folder, and then just zip or rar the file, add it to downloads, to add it to downloads, just hit the plus button, it looks like this, + and that's all,

Also Super_Modman here he made us have too much control apparently.... (:

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