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Duplicity-Class Battle Carrier
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The Galactic-class battle carrier was a capital ship in use by the Galactic Alliance Navy by 40 ABY, designed some point after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War.

It resembles the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, to which it had been designed as a successor, roughly the same length and with a similar command tower and bridge atop the hull, but it was broader and blunter in shape, and one and a half times the tonnage of the older ships. There appeared to be several hangars on the Galactic-class, with the forward-port-flange starfighter hangar housing four and a half squadrons. Although it was considered a newer, larger destroyer, the designation "battle carrier" was chosen to avoid reminding people of the old Imperial terror symbols. Moreover, the first ship of the class was called the Dodonna, after Rebel hero Jan Dodonna.

The Duplicity-class Battle Carrier is a further iteration of the Galactic Alliance's Galactic-class Battle Carrier from the Second Galactic Civil War. Now produced by Auricom Fleet Industries, the Duplicity-Class has undergone some changes to make it better suited for mass production as a main line capital ship. It features 8 Dual Disruptor Cannons, 12 Assault Concussion Missile Tubes, 40 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 40 Turbolaser Batteries, 8 Ion Cannon Batteries, and 10 Tractor Beam Emmiters. The Duplicity's weapons systems have been upgraded with a unique gas cooling process that greatly improves cool down and recharge rate, thus making her rate-of-fire superior to other vessels. This combination of heavy firepower and large fighter complement makes it a powerful yet versatile capital ship.

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