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Next wave of invites have been sent. Here is the latest news regarding the Desura Linux beta.

Posted by lodle on Oct 7th, 2011

After a couple of weeks of waking up to threads upon threads of bugs and issues in the Desura Linux Beta the Desura Team is proud to announce the next stable build that aims at addressing most of the problems (see change log here for 32bit and here for 64bit). Biggest change was the Adobe Flash crash (argh!) which should now be resolved.

If you tried to join the Desura group here, you should have received an invite. If you are already in the beta, the client should auto-update (note: this can take up to 24 hours due to server load balancing). If you can't wait you can always force update to get the latest and greatest.

Like always can you please post bugs/issues and questions on the Desura forums.

Also Mark Chandler (lodle) will be taking over the reigns as Lead Linux Developer from Keith Poole (Platima). Though its sad to see him go, Linux Desura pushes on 100% and he will lurk around to see how it goes, as a passionate Linux user and gamer.

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CampStaff Oct 9 2011 says:

Glad to actually see this. Even though I am a Linux user (64-bit) and have been apart of Desura since '08 albeit lurking, I've yet to see an invite. Good luck in those beta tests.

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gmh_michael Oct 9 2011 says:

will be submitting the issues i have when using desura. not many but we want it polished :)

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Zarius Oct 9 2011 says:

Thanks heaps for the update - look forward to seeing (and helping) the Linux client grow :)

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BTG_Delta Oct 9 2011 says:

#@!$... 1 day late for the invite :(

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aliendude5300 Oct 9 2011 replied:

Join the group. It's very likely that you'll get an invite in the near future. They let people into the beta all the time. I'm in the beta right now, and I bought just about every game available for Linux (with the exception of ~5 games). It works pretty good, but there are still a few significant bugs like in Project Zomboid, which prevent you from playing the game.

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Protektor Oct 11 2011 replied:

One of the things people might want to remember that Project Zomboid is an ALPHA. There are going to be problems and issues with it because it is an alpha rather than a finished product. The developer is aware of the issues and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Please keep reporting issues, but understand that it is an alpha release and needs work, especially since it is unfinished.

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linux-gamer-91 Oct 9 2011 says:

a very good Update, Machinarium runs now good.

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[K]rekeris Oct 9 2011 says:

Thanks for Beta invite guys.

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dequire Oct 9 2011 says:

Hello. Invite was in the mail (YAY - Been waiting to get this right to play Dungeons Of Dredmor for ages now, and it's coming!). Sadly, same issues as the last beta :/

"ronnoc@kubuntudesktop:~/Games/desura-i686$ ./desura
Illegal instruction"

I'm not used to seeing so little feedback from the terminal. Running an nVidia 7800 with proprietary drivers. I also have the latest Flash 11 installed I will send my PC specs to support in hopes that it will help.

Keep the faith.

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Spoil Oct 9 2011 says:


M.A.R.S. places its config files under ~/.marsshooter - is this intended?

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G*O*D Oct 9 2011 replied:

Yes it is intended. I've installed M.A.R.S. a couple months earlier (without Desura) and it created the same directory, because it basically is a shooter (just not the typical one).

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fluffy_rabbit Oct 9 2011 says:

Thank you so much for all of your hard work Keith.

Just got on the desura beta and what you have created here is amazing. A huge boon for Linux gaming!

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Platima Oct 11 2011 replied:

It wasn't just me, it was the whole team, but you're still welcome :P


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Moparx Oct 9 2011 says:

Got an invite this morning and I really want to thank you guys for making a Linux client available.

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dequire Oct 9 2011 replied:

Woot a fellow Linux / Mopar guy. Cool :)

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AHSauge Oct 9 2011 says:

Glad to see there's an update. After the update whoever, I can't seem to be able to log in. The problem persists even after removing desura completely and installing again. Running Fedora 15 (64 bit)

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arakash Oct 11 2011 replied:

run desura from a Terminal and check if there are any error messages.

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matej.mosko Oct 13 2011 replied:

I have similar problem. The error in terminal is this: Error loading library ' wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32'

I think there are some messed up dependency in the matter of architecture

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matej.mosko Oct 13 2011 replied:

I repaired the problem by swapping the file desura/lib-extra/ with the one from repositories that is located in /lib/

Therr is wrong file included in amd64 version of desure. Please repair it.

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arakash Oct 13 2011 replied:

Thanks! I had the same error since the latest update :)

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joeprusa Oct 9 2011 says:

Hello! It is great to be here! Thanks everyone for the effort! My experience so far:
Oil Rush - works great
Smokin' Guns - does not work, seems to miss OpenGL libs or something.. (Kubuntu 11.04).

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rustybroomhandle Oct 9 2011 replied:

@joeprusa - Throwing a wild guess at you here, but it might be that you are runnig a 64 bit system and need the 32-bit compatibility drivers for NVIDIA. - ?

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Mdyter Oct 9 2011 says:

sweet. looking forward for more features ,more games, more love..
an automatic sing-up for the client would be nice too
thank you

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dequire Oct 9 2011 replied:

Joining the Linux group here on Desura gets you into the next round of invites, I'm pretty certain.

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wonderbreadz Oct 9 2011 replied:

Yup. That's correct.

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hemebond Oct 9 2011 says:

You should just ditch Adobe Flash, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. I can see from the warnings in the terminal that the you use is just a wrapper (for I assume) even though there is a native 64bit version of Adobe Flash Player available (which is still rubbish).

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lodle Author
lodle Oct 9 2011 replied:

The warning comes from chrome that un did a fix that uses the correct version.

As soon as chrome supports webm we will be switching across

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Jookia Oct 10 2011 replied:

In that case, why not use Gecko? It has GREAT webm support. Or is it because wx only has a webkit wrapper?

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hemebond Oct 10 2011 replied:

Well, seems Adobe Flash Player (in Desura) heard me bad-mouthing it and now it doesn't work at all. Doh!

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lodle Author
lodle Oct 10 2011 replied:

we used to use gecko but its a pain to embed. Chrome is the cleanest by far

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vitorgatti Oct 9 2011 says:

great work! thanks a lot for this awesome piece of software :D

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wizardskill Oct 10 2011 says:

Just downloaded another update a few minutes ago! I'm loving every second!

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Feeyo Oct 11 2011 says:

Awesome update! Thanks a lot.

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AshtarSheran Oct 11 2011 says:

Desura 0.8 works mostly great on my Linux Mint 64-bit system but I have a problem installing few games. When I try to install this games installer hangs up on the "Gathering information" window. If I press Cancel Desura shuts down with this message in console:
(desura:23288): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_window_set_modal: assertion `GTK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed.

I am pretty sure deleting Desura folder and installing the client again will fix this problem but maybe there is another way so solve it?

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AshtarSheran Oct 13 2011 replied:

After new update everything works perfect. Thanks a lot!

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cfbauer Oct 12 2011 says:

I don't seem to be able to join the group. I've requested to join, but it isn't listed in my list of groups on my profile, and every time I click "join" it tells me they've already received my request.

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rustybroomhandle Oct 13 2011 says:

Hmmm, used to work great up to this point on my Sabayon 64-Bit system.

include/SharedObjectLoader.h:75 - Error loading library ' wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32'

It seems to be symlinked to the 32 bit version.

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Feeyo Oct 13 2011 says:

I can confirm the latest update broke my Desura. I am on Sabayon Linux also.

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Feeyo Oct 13 2011 says:

revdep-rebuild --library

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Feeyo Oct 13 2011 says:

Ok I cant get it to work. Have been hacking around with libraries and symlinking some of them. But I am breaking more then that I am fixing. :) So going to wait for an Desura update.

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Feeyo Oct 14 2011 says:

ln: failed to create symbolic link `../lib/': File exists
include/SharedObjectLoader.h:75 - Error loading library ' cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'

After removing the symlink to desura ../lib/ -> /usr/lib/
Desura boots up now again.

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watashiii Oct 16 2011 says:

So.. is there a way to get an invite earlier then waiting for a wave? Like, writing the 500 word essay on why I think it would be awesome or something? :D

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