This is a group for all you who like bounty hunters. Become a bounty hunter join me. Togeter we can bring any bounty. Or just join if you like bounty hunters.

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I need all of the members to help me with my 1st goal. To get 50 members to join us.After that we can move on to the 2nd goal to get 100 members. I came up with to positions to help me around here. The first one is primary bounty hunter you will be able to do most of the things I can do. The other position is secondary bounty hunter. They can do more things then an official bounty hunter. Send me a message or privet message for the position u want. I’m only taking 3primaries and 6secondares.

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So here are the rules you can't take anyone from the group unless I'm ok with it. You can accept any member in but tell me when you do. Also help me with posting news, videos, and images. I'm not logged on weekends until further notice. Spots are still opened and now I got a new position but to get it u have to be trusted by me(It's Prime Bounty Hunter it's like a second Leader! only 1)

Arcones Creator

Well, I don't think I'm qualified to be Prime Bounty Hunter, but if there's Primary Bounty Hunter positions still open I'll send in my recommendation.

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Godzilla2004 Creator

hey I whant the Prime Bounty Hunter spot I told you yesterday

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JangoFett_Unstopable Author

yes i forgot i'll take care of it soon

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Godzilla2004 Creator


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