We are a group dedicated to making good mods. Fell (me) is the leader, and is (hopefully) friendly and nice :3 . If you want to join, join and you can help me and anyone else nice enough to join make mods. If you don't want to make mods, you coud suggest things to put in them, such as features, maps, plots, characters etc. So, please join if you want to help make mods, or help me learn how to make mods, we work with RA3, half life 2, and any other game I have that's moddable. thanks, Fell

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Ok, so we have a new member, and a new idea. hope you have the time to read about them! i'm really just filling up the count of characters now...

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Well, we have a new member! I'd like to welcome jjbomberman to the team, and also announce that we're not dead!

I've been trying to come up with some ideas recently, and I've had one;

An assassin based Multiplayer Half-Life 2 mod!
Essentially, it's set on a large city maps, where you are battling between the other assassins, whilst avoiding guards etc. There will be a customising system, where you gain credi for every kill, adn can choose specialised weapons, like bows, poison and things like that. So far, that's all I have, but I'm hoping to come up with more ideas, and possibly listen to some in the near future.

- Fell

Aquilia Author

Grah, spelling and grammatical errors! I should also point out that this is what I hope the end product will be, and to start with we're just going to do a small mod, with some custom models, weapons, and one large city map. I was also considering some poison things, but that can wait til' after the first release.

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