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Hello everyone! I've got some news I'd like to talk about.

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Hello everyone! I have some news I'd like to tell you all about.

Since I have pretty much stopped Amnesia modding, I am doing something entirely different.
I am now developing my own game, which I have posted on IndieDB. If anyone here is interested, I'd appreciate if you took a look at it and maybe tracked it.

Anyways, to the game; the game is a stealth survival horror game, inspired by Amnesia. I'm aiming to have several monsters to hide, run, and look out for. It also has it's own story, obviously. I am attempting to make a full game, which will hopefully last a bit. The rest of the details is on the page itself, here: Indiedb.com

So I hope everyone will take a look and at least consider it for tracking. Thank you!


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Preview pictures

Preview pictures

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