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time is running out to vote on the name change so vote! vote while you still can! the article will go more in deapth as usual.

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I would like to remind everyone to please, please i can't stress this enough, please vote on the new name. Its important that you vote because the polls will close around April 9th but we may extend the time preiod depending on the ammont of votes submitted. To vote you must first go to the article titled: Vote On Name Change. In the article it lists names to choose from. Those names had all been suggested by members. The next step is to comment on said article. In your comment you will state the name you favor most. Then your done, your vote is now valid. Voting is important because unlike the U.S. voting system, your vote actually matters, no Electoral College will be overriding your vote. That was a joke, please take no offence.

Poll Results So far:

Anti-Contradictions To Establish Canon Group: 0 VotesAnti-Clone Wars Contradictory: 2 VotesAlliance To Restore Canon: 11 VotesAnti-Contradictions Group: 0 Votes
i'd also like to take this time to announce that the season three fanaly did not re write Chewbacca's backstory. Unlike with Tarkin, they were very careful not to contradict his backstory showing respect for the wookie we all know and love. And as an added bonus, did anyone notice the trando's energy shot guns from republic commando? that was awesome.

Now season four looks kinda sketchy.

as you can see, they have deployed the phase two clones which has lead us to believe that the series is simply adding upon established cannon instead of completely re-writing it. however, you may also notice that there is a scene with them on Mon Calamari. thats concerning because, the battle of Mon Calamari (According to The Essential Guied to Star Wars Chronology and wookieepedia) takes place 4 months after the first battle of geonosis. thats way before anikin was knighted and phase two clones we'rent even thought of at that time.
heres two possable conclusions:

1 it could be a SECOND battle of mon calamari like they did with geonosis

2 they could be re-writing the entire clone wars timeline, making the sereis connect episode 2 and episode 3. doing so would make all the previous comics, books, tv series, videogames, and sorcebooks un canon (provided they make the show canon). whilst making anakin knighted after the battle of geonosis...


even the die-hard clone wars fans have to admit that would be stupid to make anikin a knight after geonosis. am i right? tell me im wrong.

lets just hope for the best. AND REMEMBER, VOTE PLEASE!
PS. i appologize for any spelling errors

mrl515 Creator

Lol, I've come to love your spelling errors, despite the fact that I normally can't stand people misspelling things ;)

Anyway, I did my part by voting.

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(LONEWOLF) Creator

You just have to remember nobody is perfect... that includes delta

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

Lol the title remember me the "Tick tick tick, that's the sound of your life running out" - Jordan Chase with Dexter

For Anakin,knighted after Geonosis it's a contradiction of the show itself because: in the old 2D serie,season 2,Obi Wan said that Anakin can be knighted because he successfully pass the events.

So,Anakin couldn't be knighted after Geonosis because how he could be succeed his padawan's events with the dual with Dooku ?????

(Sorry,bad english this evening)

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Commissar_Delta Author

i keep forgetting to write these in Open Office and then copy and past them.

as for you niner, you proved your piont perfectly

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Second Battle of Mon Calamari.

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Commissar_Delta Author

hopefully, darker side, hopefully.

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TheN00btuber Creator

I've already voted.

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may i votes again? :P

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Commissar_Delta Author

no im trying to get those who didnt vote to vote

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I noticed the trando shotguns :D

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