For anyone who has played/enjoyed Namcos AC3, And any others.

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A bit of info i got of the Ace combat wiki. for all the guys that played the Europe/american version that was dumbed down because of some retards. They dumbed down the story, took alot of missions out and even the things that made us play the game THE PLANES!!!

Posted by Lupus_of_nox_noctis on Aug 12th, 2010

The Connection for Flight Interface system is a military weapon control system that works via neural synapses. After establishing neuron connections, the operator controls by lying down alone in the cockpit, completely isolated from the visual world. It is also called "COFFIN" because the situation of the cockpit is like that of a coffin - this system is quite unstable and dangerous since it requires complete concentration of pilot. COFFIN can be outfitted on all sorts of weapons such as jet fighters and tanks by exchanging the device drivers, because the ENSI are standardized. ENSI is an abbreviation for Electro-Neuron-Synapse-Interface, which is a standardized circuit path that connects a pilot's nervous system and a computer. In 2045, it is standard to pilot a fighter jet with ENSI standard cable connecting the main computer inside the COFFIN to the electronic terminal that receive information from neurons of the pilot's locomotive nervous system and reflex nervous system.


  • Version 1.0: The earliest expression of the COFFIN system. Made possible by cameras mounted around the aircraft's cockpit and body, along with an array of screens, patterned in a 360-degree sphere within the cockpit. The pilot is also completely conscious and not connected to their aircraft. The cockpit's front panels, however, somewhat reduce the pilot's view.
  • Version 2.0: The second version of the COFFIN system. The pilot is connected to their aircraft through minor neural connections, allowing for a seamless 360-degree field of view.
  • Version 3.0: The final realization of the COFFIN system. The pilot is completely connected to their aircraft through ENSI technology and flies the aircraft subconsciously. A perfect 360-degree view is established and because of the ENSI, the pilot can fly their aircraft directly from their synapses. This greatly increases the capabilities of the aircraft it is installed in.
  • History:
    The COFFIN system is believed to have its roots in the ADF-01F FALKEN, first seen in 2010. A similar aircraft seen in 1995 during the Belkan War known as the ADF-01, may however, have preceded the Falken in using this system. The cockpit of the ADF-01F is the version one COFFIN (v1.COFFIN) system and provides a 360-degree field of view.Development of the COFFIN was most likely pushed for decades by the best aeronautic engineers and hired neurologists. It's development was carried out in secret and was shrouded in secrecy for an unknown amount of time. During the Leasath-Aurelian War in 2020, several aircraft can be seen using the V1 system. The YR-302 Fregata, XR-45 Cariburn and the Fenrir all use a modified version of the v1.COFFIN.

    These modified systems show a large step forward in development by showing little obstruction to the pilot's view. Though the version one COFFIN, can be considered a COFFIN system, they were not the true form due to their lack of ENSI. One aircraft, the YR-99 Forneus, deploys the first verison two COFFIN system, which allows for a completely seemless transition when scanning the environment. This was a leap towards the the final version of the COFFIN, to be seen years later. During the Leasath-Aurelia War, a new component of the COFFIN system, known as the Argus Programme, could be installed in COFFIN aircraft. The seeker heads on the missiles carried were directly linked to the COFFIN to increase their performance. After the end of the war, battle data was collected and analyzed. It was found that the COFFIN system was extremely combat-capable and in fact, increased the capability of the aircraft they were installed into. Over then next two decades, every military on the planet began to look into purchasing their own COFFIN systems.

    Soon version three equipment was completed, and, by the early 2030s, was being purchased by countries around the globe, looking to strengthen their militaries. The version three COFFIN (v3.COFFIN) is the final realisation of pilot-aircraft integration. Two of the largest corporations on the planet; General Resource Ltd. and Neucom Inc., who were thought to have made the COFFIN system and aircraft seen in 2020, become the main distrubutors and developers of the v3.COFFIN system. By the 2040s the COFFIN had become the standard system for all military vehicles including aircraft, armoured vehicles and warships etc. However it is not only limited to military aircraft.

    Commercial airliners such as the R-505U have been reported to be using the COFFIN system. The COFFIN system has seen limited action outside of national military and commercial applications. It was used during a terrorist suppression operation on the Usean Continent in 2026, during the turbulent times in the mid-2030s and the 2040s and were eventually fully deployed by the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization, the General Resource Defense Force, the Neucom Emergency Unit and even, to a degree, the Ouroboros during the Corporate War of 2045. The COFFIN system's capabilites were fully shown during this war and it proved its effectiveness time after time. It was found that a machine using the COFFIN system along with a standardised ENSI connection could theoretically be controlled through the Inter-Satellite-Network (In-Sa-Net) and be operated on a battlefield any where in the world from where the operator was. However, a protection programme has been installed in the In-Sa-Net and this theory has not been put to the test, yet.

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    Lupus_of_nox_noctis Author
    Lupus_of_nox_noctis Aug 12 2010 says:


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    Mobius89 Aug 21 2010 says:


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    Mobius89 Aug 21 2010 says:

    Good article, but you actually forgot that the ADF-01, later named "FALKEN", first appeared in Ace Combat 2. The COFFIN was pretty visibile.

    I'm not sure, but AC2 is supposed to take place in 1997. If so, the first use of COFFIN preceeds by some 13 years that mentioned in this article.

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    Lupus_of_nox_noctis Author
    Lupus_of_nox_noctis Aug 21 2010 says:

    I think that it was just a plane whacked in by namco to show their skills. I LOVE all their custom made planes! Its a shame that in Electrosphere theres only 1 space mission.

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    Lupus_of_nox_noctis Author
    Lupus_of_nox_noctis Aug 21 2010 says:

    correct me if im wrong " ADF-01F FALKEN, first seen in 2010. A similar aircraft seen in 1995 during the Belkan War known as the ADF-01," 2 years after.

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    Mobius89 Dec 25 2010 replied:

    But that doesn't really make sense. The FALKEN was first seen in AC2, and the other experimental plane the article is refering to must be the Morgan from ACZ. Similar meshes, but different planes.

    If I remember well, AC2 was supposed to take place in 1997.

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    Lupus_of_nox_noctis Author
    Lupus_of_nox_noctis Oct 13 2011 replied:

    It makes sense now, During the Belkan wars they didnt know what it was and 2 years later (1997) it was revealed to be the Falken

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