Well, this group is for 40k (But NOT at all limited to, this is open to all Science Fiction and Fantasy) writers (And Fans!) to help each other in their writings, story lines, and whatever! Since the "40k Fan Group" is the most popular group here on Moddb (besides it being far from biggest), it could be cool to have something like this around for those of us who like to just think up our own stories N whatnot. Everyone is invited! -The Emperor Protects

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This is the begining of a large fan fiction story I've been working on for five years now. It is connected with games and books through the use of adaptations. This is only the begining...

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The American southwest, hot, humid and a barren desert, the hot sun beads down on four figures slowly trekking across the dry dirt. The leading figure was an old man; from how he looked he was in his mid-fifties. He wears what looks like a worn brown trench coat and cowboy hat. His boots are of army standard, made of black leather and neatly tied. Around his belt is an empty revolver holster; from its condition it has seen many fights. On his face is a thick goatee and a pair of Defender combat goggles. The goggles cover his eyes, almost as if he's hiding something by covering them. The other three figures aren't human they are of Fernian decent. Fernians are a race of wolf-humanoids, they have black fur covering them entirely, and they also have a wolf-like head and a tail. The first two Fernians were male and the third was female. The leading Fernian looked up at the old man, he panted as the sun continued to hit his black fur. "Fredrick... how much longer till we get to your house?" The old man continued to walk, acting as if he hadn't heard him. The Fernian asked again, "Fredrick? Are we almost there?" The old man then stopped and turned to the Fernians. "Now Silver, we're here!" The lead Fernian looked out past Fredrick, it was nothing but barren wasteland, Silver was confused. The second Fernian responded to Fredrick, "Uh, Fredrick, there's nothing here?" Fredrick smiled and pulled a small detonator from his coat pocket. "Ah, but Canis, you must think in four dimensions to see it!" Canis was baffled; this science crap was out of league. The last Fernian stepped out to Fredrick; she looked him right through his goggles and spoke, "Alright Fredrick, where is it? What do we have to use? Rocket Science?" Fredrick kept his smile, "No Blaze, not rocket science, theoretical physics!" he pressed the detonator. Within a split second a huge blue light exploded from the desert behind Fredrick. It disappeared just as fast as it had arrived, but instead of just empty desert a medium sized shack now stood. Fredrick put the detonator back in his pocket and started walking to the shack, he turned back and looked at the three Fernians, they stood in shock at the event that just occurred. "Well, don't just stand there! Come on in, I got ice water!" They broke their trance and followed Fredrick inside.
Within the shack, it was much cooler than outside. As Silver entered he saw many odd things, on the wall was an Allied Defender propaganda poster, the nearby bookshelf had a large glass case in it and inside was an old Colt Peacemaker and on a coffee table was what looked like a Spartan Juggernaut helmet with a broken visor. Fredrick sat down in a Z-95 Headhunter cockpit seat in his living room. He signaled the three Fernians to sit down on his couch. Silver and his two siblings sat down, the couch felt as though it had seen many years. Silver then asked Fredrick, "So, you can tell us the story? Of our father?" Fredrick didn't respond for a second, he then said "What? Oh yes, right, the story." Fredrick took off his goggles, showing his hazel eyes, "Let's see, where do I start? I guess our story begins in the year... 2008 when ‘it' appeared over Earth." Canis then interrupted, "What appeared?" Fredrick smiled, "The Halo ring..."


nice, working halo in there at the end :), could be a good story if you could ever get bungie to allow to actually write it without some kind of copyright crap bearing down on it

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Metaltooth Author

Trust me, it goes so much farther than just Halo. Much much farther...

Most of the stuff is adaptations, but overall the story covers... 900 years, but only 400 years are fully incorporated as being part of the main plot.

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nice, just be careful of f***ing microsoft or bungie or any other big company :)

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