How would the last man on earth act? what is he going to do when he loose everything he ever had? Adam and Eve lives baricaded in devastated hotel, they have never meet any other survivor .Eve's got pregnant, giving new hope and point in their lives,but then, one day - she dissapeared. Trip is hardcore post-apocaliptic survival horror. Scary, highly untypical experience and unique gameplay, deep philosophical story served in very cinematic and immersive way. The story takes about six to ten hours of gameplay (most of the time seen from traditional side-view, but there is also a top down view, and first person perspective in some point) with almost an hour of animated cut-scenes. This game is beeing developed without budget, everything you are about to see was created out of passion and desire to show something than no one has never shown. Authors: Producer: Arek Olszewski Music: MichaƂ Marzec-Remiszewski and Arek Olszewski Still looking for volunteers with good voices for dubbing

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