"The Cursed" is a very unique FREE realtime-strategy game based on the Spring engine. The game is about bones, undead, demons, space marines and magic settled in a futuristic environment. It is a fresh mixture of gameplay elements from many popular RTS games.

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The latest game version allways here (Games : The Cursed : Forum : LATEST (NON-INSTALLER) RELEASE : The latest game version allways here) Locked
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Aug 21 2013 Anchor

For all users and everyone unwilling to wait for a new installer version: you have to install the game manually. First you need to install the Spring Engine manually and then put the game content into the Spring\games directory. You'll also have to install maps manually.

The latest Spring engine and related instruction can are located here. Also Linux and Mac OS builds can be found here.

The latest game content file can always be found here and tons of different maps can be found here.

Major changes 1.283 => 1.300

The art content of the "The Cursed" is under CC BY-NC-SA license now. So fell free to use the art content in your projects (as long as you give proper credits). In addition I did a major change to the behavior on airplanes. They are now Starcraft-styled, i.e. the aircrafts all behave like gunshipsand will not land anymore. This should facilitate the aircraft micro-management.

- Made interceptors and bombers not landing anymore
- Adjusted weapons and effects accordingly
- revamped the cursed Sledgehammer - it shoots a rocket carpet now
- Imperial paladins have light armour now. The fear aura is also more effective.

- updated lot of widgets to be compatible with Spring 99.0
- added now (LUPS based) aura effects

Enjoy and please report any feedback!I will release a new installer as soon as the new Spring engine version is out - I can smell, that a new releaase is near. 8)

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