StarMade is a Minecraft inspired multiplayer 3D space shooter. Build your own ship and conquer the galaxy.

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There will soon be a new play mode for StarMade called "Coop-DeathStar". In this mode players have to defend against growing waves of enemies.

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Hello and welcome to StarMade!

Progress: AI

I've been working on an Artificial Intelligence structure for the past few days. The idea is to have an efficient method to automatically control big numbers of ships from the AI module on the server.

I love making AI, because the feeling you get, when for the first time your own 'creation' comes after you is indescribable. StarMade now supports about 80+ individual AI-Entities on state-of-the-art computers without trouble.

Here is the first test, where I let all 30 AI ships attack my ship:

The first AI behavior I created is a simple 'Search-And-Destroy' algorithm:
Search for a target -> get to the target -> eliminate target

This is a test where I put 30 AI ships against 30 AI ships of the same type

The algorithm also includes basic evading of other objects, so ships wouldn't get stuck on asteroids or other structures, and have overall a better cloud behavior.

In the later stages, I added functions for the AI to attack structures of any size. Here is a picture of a Deathstar, which is getting attacked by about 50 AI ships

StarMade DeathStar vs 50 AI Ships

Mod your own ship to fight against as an AI

The nice thing is, that you can use any ship you created as an AI. Build some fast interceptors, heavy bombers, or tanks and test their fighting ability against yourself or other of your creations with AI.

How to test the new AI

At the moment I have implemented the structure and basics of the AI system, but there is no real integration in the game yet. Integration of this structure will become the focus on the new mode "Coop-Deathstar", which will be released in a few days.

To Spawn AI, use the admin command (chat /command) "spawn_mobs" You can spawn any ship from your catalog. The AI will only use laser at the moment.

Example: type the following in the chat:

/spawn_mobs bracket-wing green 20

(use /spawn_mobs_line to spawn mobs at point you are looking at)

This will spawn 20 ships of the type 'bracket-wing' (default in catalog atm) for the green team. If you do the same command with blue instead of green, tehy will start attacking each other

New Mode: Coop-Deathstar

This new mode will feature the new AI system. You and your friends are given a certain amount of time and credits to build up your ship. If the time runs out, the next wave of enemies will attack your base. The shop will be a save haven, where enemies will not attack you. However, the shop will be far enough away from your base, so you can't just defend your base from there.

The waves of enemies will become gradually stronger.
Also, a ship level selection for the waves is planned. Players themselves can vote on which ships are considered strong and weak.

Thanks for the Interest in StarMade,


Sounds like fun!

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