Sands of Space is old school RPG with turn based combat. The plot of the game takes a place in alternative future of the 1980s. Active space exploration in progress. Many planets are inhabited, and some have already been abandoned. The main character, the space nighthawk gets suspiciously shady offer. During the mission spaceship crashed and the whole crew has died. He is the only one who survived and left alone without any back up on the planet called TRAPPIST-1 h which has been in quarantine for dozens of years. The previously prosperous cyber-metropolis of one of the planetary systems - decays after a biological plague. And it’s not the most pleasant place that turns into the hell, when he realizes that it's impossible to run away from this trap. Some people say that everyone has a small chance to leave TRAPPIST-1 h, and the black archaeologist is trying to do his best to find the ship and get off this planet.

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