Project Nimbus, a very high speed mecha combat game where the player controls flying giant robots called Battle Frame fighting army of enemies. Set in the near future, mankind has evacuated to the skies after a great war destroyed the planet’s surface, making it unable to support human life. With resources scarce, humanity is again on the brink of another full scale war. Fight against army of enemy Battle Frames, duel with ace pilots in their own personal customized machine, engage mother-ships and battle against giant world-ending weapons

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New mech introduced! We've adjust it's design a little bit from its latest appearace. Cool ragdoll vid at the end!

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We’ve adjusted the Mi24 Zadniy’s design a little bit. The main cannon is moved to the shoulder and two submachine guns added to each hand.

Mi-24 Zadniy design adjustment

Mi24 Zadniy is 2nd generation BattleFrame from the UCN manufacturer Mikoyan. It meet the USAF criteria of 2nd generation BattleFrame: Able to operate multiple weapon at once and able to use Boosting to instantly change the frame moving direction/speed.

We’ll write more detail about this model later. Right now we’ve just set up it in the game engine. We shall code it A.I. soon.


Guys, you, probably, should come up with a better name for this Mech. Zadniy means being at the back or rear in russian and if you add two more letters it turns into a butt))

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PentaX Author

My hand slipped when I try to click the + sign and I accidentially click the - sign. Sorry. I really didn't mean it.

I really want to thank you that you warn me. Because if you don't, I'll stuck with that name.

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PentaX Author

Thank you!
I will change the name. Thank that you warn us. I just though it mean "Hind" in Russian. Because the mechanical designer took influence from the real life "Mi-24 Hind" when designing this one so I was trying to give it a tribute.

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That's alright)) Always glad to help,when I can. If you still want to name this mech after Mi-24 , you can use its unofficial name Krokodil (crocodile).

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