Arkanius is a 2D Retro-Styled Fantasy MMORPG. It is currently in development, however, already has many features. There is a very interactive and deep quest system, a weather system, player housing, leveled and experience based skills including cooking, woodcutting, mining, tailoring, leatherworking, blacksmithing, fishing, harvesting, alchemy, crafting, carpentry and enchanting. The player can fight solo or in parties, participate in social events including last-man-standing PvP events on distant islands and much more. There is magic, projectile and melee weapons. The characters have their equipment paperdolled in harmony with each other, equipment including shoulder armour, cloaks, helmets, amulets, quivers, shields, armour, weapons, belts, gloves, boots and rings in which can all be worn without any cluttered look whatsoever. Characters can be personalized to the players own choice through many hairstyles and colours.

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Here I will list the features in Arkanius and the upcoming features I wish to implement into the game.

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Here I will list the features in Arkanius and the upcoming features I wish to implement into the game.


  • Basic attacking, avoiding, etc system.
  • Spells and skills system.
  • Player-owned housing system with castles, houses, farms, etc.
  • Dynamic weather system.
  • Pet/familiar system, pets can wander around, be summoned and fight for you.
  • A very interactive and deep quest system.
  • Chat system with multiple channels, such as world chat, local map chat, etc.
  • Friends system.
  • Targeting NPCs.
  • Inventory and Banks to store items in various towns and villages.
  • Skills such as mining, blacksmithing, fishing, etc.
  • World and area maps.
  • Dungeons, labyrinths, caves and all sorts of weird and wonderful places.
  • An in-game manual/guide.
  • Paperdolled equipment.
  • Many equipment slots.
  • Interaction with the world around you such as picking mushrooms and flowers.
  • Ability to take resources from the environment such as fruit from trees.
  • Active help from GMs via a castle where the currently active GM (King) will be situated.Player trading and partying.
  • Nicely developed NPC item dropping system.
  • Weapon Enchantments
  • Wide range of NPCs from tiny butterflies to huge bosses.
  • Critters roaming the land such as butterflies, bugs and such.
  • Player-owned customizable ships (you can equip cannons, fishing nets and much more to your ship) and caravans allowing players to also transport party members.
  • Players can enter their own ships and caravans and decorate the interior, another customizable private place for the player.
UPDATED AS OF 27/09/2012
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