The world has plunged into chaos, experimentation with a man made virus went wrong one day slowly infecting the world turning almost every living being into some mutated beast, the government sent the most important people into space with experimental cloning equipment and a selected amount of DNA. The idea was to hopefully return to earth with an army, eradicate this virus and re-populate the earth. Shortly after we left earth fell silent, we have no idea whats down there marine and its your job to find out.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Human Resources

Posted by scottellison92 on Jul 4th, 2011

Zultek Entertainment is seeking people to join its team working on the UDK game 28 MARINES LATER.

We are seeking a
:Texture Artist (mainly weapons at the moment)
:Weapon Animator
:UDK Coder

If you match any of these positions please email me at with one or more examples of previous work.


To Apply

Please email me at with one or more examples of previous work.

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