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Oct 23rd, 2013
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Patch 362 brings us the last Warlock skill, More paladin updates and generalized Soul looting tweaks to the mod, check out the extensive patch notes below!


    • Souls
    • New graphic for each tier of soul!
      Paladin Aura's
    • New customized and unique to synergies sounds for each start and end of the aura's!
  • Hermundure and Greatname have been hard at work to bring us new art work and new sounds !!!

  • All NPC's will be see-able on all clients now.

General mod changes

  • WC_GLACIALSPIKE was accidently overwritten back to its Vanilla standards. I have put the synergies version back in.
    • Recipes
    • It now takes 5 Magnificent souls to make an Angelic soul again, woops
    • Blood, Void and Iron embers can now be upgraded to the next level with 4 of the same type, again.
    • Legendaries will not be sold in TM. (105 uniques that were upgraded to legendaries)
    • Minor, Lesser, Greater, Magnificent souls have had their chance to drop increased by half of what it was previously.

    WARLOCK changes

      Shield spells
    • All shields have had their ground pulse removed


      Tier1- ManaMissiles
    • Has a % chance to generate 1 HellFire and 1 NE every 3 seconds
    • 15 skill points has a % chance to generate 1 HF and 1 NE every 1.5 seconds
      Tier4- Polymorph Werewolf
    • Generates 1 HellFire and 1 NetherEssence every time its cast
      Tier5- ManaShield
    • 10 skill points adds 1 NE and 1 Hellfire per cast
    • 15 skill points adds 3 Ne and 3 Hellfire per cast


      Tier3- Stoneleap
    • Now does damage from 1 skill point and is more of a closure attack spell then an escape teleport!
    • Costs more mana to cast
      Tier4- Shout From Below
    • Requires and Costs 5 NE to cast
    • 15 skill points generates 2 NE on each enemy hit with the skill for up to 5 enemies.
    • The effects have been hidden and a manual description has been entered
      Tier5- NetherSpikes
    • Base damage increased, incremental damage increased
    • Damage is now Electric
      Tier6- Polymorph Warrior
    • Tool tip now displays the correct unlocks for the warrior morph.
      Tier7- NetherSlash
    • New NetherMelee attack added
    • Requires 2 NetherEssence to cast, Costs 1 NetherEssence to cast
    • 0skill points: Electric Damage
    • 5skill points: debuffs electric armor
    • 10skill points: no longer costs NetherEssence to cast
    • 15skill points: generates 2 NetherEssence when cast


      tier1: Burning Blade
    • Reduced mana cost
    • Debuffs fire armor instead of physical
      Tier7: Polymorph Dragon
    • Now uses a mana graph for mana cost, instead of a flat 14 points.
    • Tool tip now shows the correct unlocks for the morph.
      Passive Nethermastery
    • Icon changed to be more appropriate

    PALADIN PATCH 5 by Ghostblade

    • The Engineer reward spawnclass has been altered to accommodate the Paladin. You should see more one-handers now.
    • The Paladin auras have new activation and deactivation sounds thanks to GreatName!
    • The Paladin auras now also cancel each other out, at all ranks.


    • "Repentance Aura" is now fixed! It no longer provides massive healing and should only target you.
    • "Flamestrike" has been remade into a powerful AOE nuke.
    • "Divine Bulwark" Now has a description. It's also been slightly tweaked to make sure the proc amour buffs align with the passive armour buffs.
    • "Lay on Hands" has a better shield particle, and "Divine Bulwark" has a lesser one.
    • "Render Verdict" no longer requires charge to use.
  • Reflection on monsters will scale with level so they aren't useless later on.
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    SynergiesMOD V362
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    PetrenkaPie Oct 24 2013 says:

    I'm always like: Jus one more update and i'll start a new char. But now i guess its time to unleash a new warlock.

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    salan Author
    salan Oct 25 2013 says:

    warlock will be getting a lot of increase damage output on the nether side of things coming up

    +1 vote   reply to comment
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