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Dec 16th, 2010
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The mod itself. instructions* 1.Unrar 2.But the MoW Complex MOD in your men of war mods folder.

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MoW Complex Mod
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MoWMAping Author
MoWMAping Dec 16 2010 says:

If you downloaded it and you see a lot of randomly named maps all of them are my made some that have a more normal name ar better other maps usually are horse ****.

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Santi95.95 Dec 17 2010 says:

the best map pack ever NICE !!

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Mordekhay88 Dec 17 2010 says:

screen 28 years later

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fastLegs Dec 17 2010 says:

ill have a look see, if i like what i see ill PM you with a idea i have! maybe.. wow this is huge saying its gonna take several hours to download...

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MoWMAping Author
MoWMAping Dec 17 2010 replied:

i know its huge its 3,2 gb if unziped :D

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Santi95.95 Dec 17 2010 says:

so 2hours downloading this ITS BEUTIFUL (bad english)

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ImperialKaskins Jan 3 2011 says:

2 Hours Download? This is a 52 Hours download file for me.

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MoWMAping Author
MoWMAping Jan 4 2011 says:

Your net sucks then mine will download it with 2 hours aswell.

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maddnesscats Jan 24 2011 replied:

mine only is going to take 15 minutes lol

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MoWMAping Author
MoWMAping Jan 25 2011 replied:

Nice net i havent tested mine might only take 1 hour as well so i dont know realy. :D

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dannybeii Feb 4 2011 says:

i know this is a bit daft but does it turn the game in to cod

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MoWMAping Author
MoWMAping Feb 24 2011 replied:

no it doesnt

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RealmShift May 2 2011 replied:

Lol, Daft. I see hwat yoo did thar! >:O

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Sidbinder5126 Feb 17 2011 says:

when i start the first mission, it crashes, and yes i have the latest patch. it says something like main then civilian 1 all the rest is like main thread and the usual

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MoWMAping Author
MoWMAping Feb 24 2011 replied:

it is for editor playing ONLY!!
Single wont work

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ducanhxathu May 3 2011 says:

WTF. how to play it ?

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MoWMAping Author
MoWMAping May 7 2011 says:

Look the upper comments.

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TigerF14 Jun 9 2011 says:

lol, It only took me 52 minutes to download

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MOUSEP1000 Aug 25 2011 says:

1GB!!It's too big!

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wronglongdeath Sep 22 2011 says:

what u think?it seem very repetitive
i think every body that play men of war in every version need big help
an big big help.isnt that better play mod that bring all over the war aspect.
war in every where we bring our troops rapidly and capture the resources like enemy until on side loose main base like GENERALS (i mean in single player)than this ****** rat playing??????????

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MoWMAping3 Mar 12 2012 replied:

Dude generals is not realistic, that game is total s**t(no offence but its my opinion). And if you dont like this game, why play it?

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Joxaable Oct 13 2011 says:

I love the "Dead City" map it's just great! :D

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Gree98 Mar 13 2012 says:

Yo i cant get it 2 work
>> main
9: ("accuracy_105")
10: ("burst_medium")
11: {cursor"cannon_on"}
12: {cursorReloading "cannon_reload"}
13: }
I think its got somthn 2 do with how there is no mgun 105mm under da mod cuz i checked da files under stuff mgun but idk or its how there is nothn at 13 but im no modder PLEASE HELP

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MoWMAping3 Aug 1 2012 replied:

Learn to talk like a normal person first, then i might be able to help you. But i just can't get it, i have this mod on my three computers and none of them give me expections. Only soldiers wont work , but it doesnt crash the game.

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lolfr Mar 19 2012 says:

i cant downlaod thiss from gamefront i get send error reports when i get to it.

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smiting Nov 21 2012 says:

58 minutes download for me!!

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sotek2 Jun 8 2013 says:

Hi i have a problem with this define not found (sedllreader.cpp,326
5: (range_medium_howitzer)

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MoWMAping3 Jul 10 2013 says:

Try deleting that file. Usually it works.

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pox1997 Oct 20 2013 says:

hey man i have a probem when i run the game the game crash and appears

42: {japanese breed "japanese"}
43: {tankman2 breed "tankman2"}
44: {kamikaze breed "kamikaze"}
45: {sniper breed "sniper"}
46: }

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leakimleakim Feb 16 2014 replied:

o meu também

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