Stellar Knights has been founded on the idea that there are many great games out there just waiting to be made. Games capable of bringing back the feelings of exploration we had as kids when we were journeying through the woods in our grandmother’s backyard. Games capable of rivaling the excitement we felt when we started to plan that tree fort. Games perhaps, that are even capable of invoking the emotions we felt when our best friend moved away.

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Posted by SMPalermo on

Stellar Knights is looking for a talented programmer to begin development of our flagship game, First Command. We are looking to build a small focused team that can quickly build out a playable alpha of the game within the next few months, and then quickly begin building out the full game. The position would be unpaid but will provide an excellent portfolio piece and perhaps break us all into the industry.

Skills Needed:

-Extensive knowledge of JavaScript
-Working knowledge of Unity
- Ability to be flexible within a very creative working environment
-Ability to work productively with multiple team members as well as on their own
-Knowledge of C# is a plus
-Knowledge of networking code is a major plus

Responsibilities will include:

- Providing general programming support, covering a wide variety of areas within the title
- Handling gameplay programming, UI implementation, and AI scripting
-Providing creative input to the team
-Delivering high quality work within requested time frames
-Helping to create an awesome game!

To Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter and example of your work (sample code and/or example of work on a previous game) to

A resume is not required but would be appreciated.

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