Rotating Cube Games is currently developing their main game 'Mindworld', a cinematic FPS Action Adventure that takes place in a surreal dreamworld. The first out of three chapters is called Shattered Dreams and is a Half-Life 2 Modification.

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Posted by leiste on Nov 17th, 2012

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Hey guys,

Our names are Kjell Bunjes [Team leader & Art Director] and Leiste [Writer & Co-leader] and we're working on the upcoming Action Adventure Mindworld: Shattered Dreams. The team consists of people who are either working professionally in the industry for years or are ambitious to do so. We are currently looking for Organic and Hardsurface 3D Artists.

You can check the game's page right here:


• Efficient workflow
• Strong foundation skills
• Strong texturing skills
• Past work to show
• Good communication


• Strong skills in presentation
• Experienced with single client work & studio work
• Online Portfolio


This is an opportunity for people, who are interested in filling their portfolio with great designs.

Required time:

We are looking for 3D Artist, who can invest several hours a week.

We use our forums, DropBox and Skype for the exchange of data and information. There are no monetary rewards.

Interested in working with us?
Please, get in touch with us E-Mail (; Further details will be discussed in a personal interview via Skype. You can also send us a private message beforehand.

Mar 26, 2011
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