Welcome to Macro Labs! Here at Macro Labs Indie Dev, we strive to make the best games, mods, maps for the community to enjoy! We are currently hiring, so visit our site to apply! I will constantly post updates about the group and our games, as well as any W.I.P mods, maps, and projects, as well as released mods, maps, and games! ---------------------------------------------- Update 1: I have came up with an idea for a game, and I need any and all programmers and modelers for player characters, zombies, guns, so on and so forth. Please visit macrolabs.juplo.com to apply for any of these positions!

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Location: Anywhere - Skype/Steam needed - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by Rafficka on Jun 13th, 2013

For this job, at least a little experience in python, and little to no experience in Panda3d. Please nobody under 14 apply. Royalties will be paid when game is released on desura. If you can record, have a microphone, can use photoshop well, these are all highly needed. Please email me at the address below to apply!

To Apply

Shoot an email to fcrafficka@live.com with "Macro Labs Application" in subject line.

Feb 10, 2013
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