Founded by film maker and budding game developer Simon Benjamin. Invulnerable Productions aims to produce innovative games as well as feature films.

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Posted by SimonDenton on Jul 18th, 2010

Project Name: REVOLUTION
Genre: 3rd Person Action Adventure
Themes: Anime, inline skating, futuristic Tokyo, graffiti and music.

Current Progress: We are currently in Pre-Production. Documentation for the game design and scripts is almost complete. Modeling, Animation and Level Design is planned to start really soon. Concept art is doing well.

Target Aim:
• 1 -2 year development cycle
• Release no later than 2012
• Freeware then upgraded commercial release.
• Endless replay value
• A motivating and unforgettable gaming experience

Talent: We are in need of artistic modelers who can model characters, objects, environmental features and assets for the game. Software like 3ds max can be used as we are working with Unity. Models requested need to be modeled and animated on time.

Qualifications: Extensive understanding of modeling and animating as well as being able to produce high quality models and create fluid animations. Good communication is required as there will be a team of artists that you will be in.

Compensation: We are aiming to start with a small freeware release on PC. If it's viable after wards, we would like to sell a commercial release. However for now there will be NO PAYMENT, if we go commercial you MAY be rewarded with some funds.

To Apply

Send me a PM with your bio and portfolio.

Jun 18, 2010
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