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Posted by SimonDenton on Aug 22nd, 2010

Project Name: REVOLUTION
Genre: 3rd Person Action Adventure
Themes: Anime, inline skating, futuristic Tokyo, graffiti and music.

Current Progress: 3 levels are being done so far, two are nesrly completing layout while one is being detailed on. A lot of concept artwork has been done, programmer is continuing to make mechanics and the script for the story is being written.

Target Aim:
• 1 -2 year development cycle
• Release no later than 2012
• Freeware then upgraded commercial release.
• Endless replay value
• A motivating and unforgettable gaming experience

Talent: We are in need of enthusiastic character modelers who can use concept art as a guidance to create polished, detailed and well animated characters. Working with the lead artist and other team members requires team work and communication skills.

Compensation: We are aiming to start with a small freeware release on PC. If it's viable after wards, we would like to sell a commercial release.

To Apply

Send your portfolio as a PM to me.

Jun 18, 2010
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