Founded by film maker and budding game developer Simon Benjamin. Invulnerable Productions aims to produce innovative games as well as feature films.

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Posted by on Dec 18th, 2012

Project Name: REVOLUTION: Genesis
Genre: Sports Racing and Action Adventure
Themes: Creativity, Competition and Freedom

Target Aim:
• 1 -2 year development cycle
• Release no later than Q3 2013
• Freeware then upgraded indie release if possible.

Current Progress: Most of the core coding is currently undergoing polish, particularly for player movement. The current goal is to finish polish of core coding and expand on the game mechanics further.

Talent: The project team is in need of dedicated programmers who can work with Unity using C# language. Excellence in knowledge of the required coding language is essential. Programmers need to help create game mechanics and the core part of the game. Also, collaboration with other programmers is vital to ensure efficiency.

Compensation: First release will be freeware. The possibility of a future commercial release with more content depends on reception.

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Jun 18, 2010
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