We are a small Indie games development company based in the UK. We have gone through many confusion over the years and we were part of Gear-Studios which disbanded in 2012. Since then we have become independent and have learned to stand on our own two feet. Our vision is to create games that people actually want, and we aim to listen to our community and give the community what they want. A lot of our plans and ideas come from our community so it's what we cherish most. Our aim is to go outside of the box and create new and great ideas for gamers of today, rather than following the mainstream.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by Iinteractive.net on Jul 21st, 2013

Want to be a programmer at Infinity Interactive?

If you have any experience programming or any experience using the Unreal Engine whatsoever. We could definitely use you on the team. The project is a first person horror/comedy/action in which we will combine dark and mature themes with comedy and satire.


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Drop an email off at: completionlog@gmail.com

Jun 30, 2012
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