Hobo Studios was founded by Peter Veerman and Xander Thomas. We are two high school students with a passion for creating games. We currently are working on finishing our first game: Hobo Survival. The game is currently in Beta so it's not very polished or balanced yet. We appreciate any feedback from our Beta testers. The Team: Peter Veerman - Programmer / Graphic Artist One of the two founders of Hobo Studios, Peter Veerman has been trying to develop video games since he was 8 years old. Peter hasn't done much with his life yet, since he isn't even out of school. But he has started a youtube channel that teaches people how to make their own video games. Alexander Thomas - Designer One of the two founders of Hobo Studios, Alexander has been dreaming up games all his life. His first published game, Hobo Survival, was actually the other founder's idea which he ended up working on. Alexander plans to continue expanding small bits of the story and the full story campaigns.


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