Fox Delta Games is a small, global, indie game development studio founded to create exceptional games that promote challenge, re-playability, and of course, fun. Fox Delta Games seeks to breathe new life into a stagnant industry, and provide the world with games that entice the player with engaging gameplay, rather than gimmicks

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Team name:
Fox Delta Games

Project name:
Fox Delta Command

Brief game description:
Fox Delta Command is a tactical shooter similar to SOCOM, Flashpoint, BiA, or any of the Tom Clancy games. The game is set in modern times, but unlike other modern

shooters like Battlefield 3 or CoD, the player has to use strategy to survive and complete objectives.

Fox Delta Command will have a single player campaign that can be played with AI teammates. We MAY also add co-op and competitive online play after the single player campaign is developed.

Target aim:

This means you fully understand that this project will go on sale after it have been released for on store fronts like steam. Once that happens and the game starts to sale we will split the money evenly with all the team members in Fox Delta Games. There is no guarantee that this project will be the next block buster game and make millions, so apply with that you are doing it for passion of making games, and you CAN use this project as a portfolio.

Windows, Unity

Core Team:
Game Design/Project Management: Sam Juarez, Raymond Konopka
Programmer: Tobi Fromme, Ben Dorzok, Yannis Lee
Modeling/Texturing: Raymond Konopka, Sam Juarez
Level Design: Sam Juarez,
GUI Art: Sam Juarez

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for serious team members who understand the difficulties of game development and are fully competent to fulfill the responsibilities of their position.

The following are our current openings for the project:

Character 3D Artist – Must be able to model and texture human character with less than 15,000 polys per character, must also know how to set up the model so it can be animated.

Vehicle 3D Artist- Must be able to model and texture Vehicles such as car, trucks, jeeps, aircraft such as helicopters. Must make models in a appropriate poly count.

Sound FX Artist – Must have your own library of samples to work with. Must be able to create and modify sound effects in any DAW.

If interested, please contact us via email:
Please attach your portfolio and tell us about previous projects you have worked on. We will then setup an interview for further discussion.

Previous Work by Team:
Dreadful Undead


A work in progress video of Fox Delta Command.


To Apply

Please send contact us by E-mail at again please attach a resume of your work. Thank you.

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