Flying M Games is a company who loves to make games we would play ourselves! We put alot of emphasis into our storylines and our artwork!

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Posted by Surrealness on Dec 10th, 2012

Hello IndieDB Members! We are currently searching for Programmers to help us complete Surreal System!

I have, with help from many people, been creating a stand-alone game known as Surreal System. We call ourselves Flying M Games and love to create applications that we love to play and that others love as well. We put much emphasis into our stories and our visuals and try to create top-notch work!

We use UDK to breathe life into our environments and concepts!

This position is open to anyone who has an imagination and is willing to try out something new that is not limited to the real world! This game opens up an entire universe of possibilities and dreams to start from! As an indie team, we embrace creativity and love throwing around ideas every now and then to see what we come up with! If you love a creative environment and a fun concept to develop on, come join us!

Requirements -

- Must be skilled at or learning about UScript

We are a well established team working every day to make the dream of Surreal System turn into a reality! As a programmer, your duties would include:

- Working with concept artists and game designers to establish working mechanics for use inside of Surreal System

- Developing creative ways to achieve tasks of UDK programming

- Having creative ideas and sharing them with the team

All positions need to know though that deadlines will be set but we are also flexible if something should come up. We are in it to finish it and you should be too. We will not ask too much from you but would like to see some sort of commitement. Thank You and we look forward to working with you!

Thank you very much and have a great week!

To Apply

Email us at or pm me on here!

Jul 25, 2011
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