Dexxu Games is a small-scale dev team with experience in a multitude of game engines, including Unity and CryEngine3. We will be releasing mods and full games, so follow us for updates on our latest projects!

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Location: Anywhere - Skype needed! - Looking for: Artists

Posted by Rafficka on Aug 15th, 2013

Dexxu Games is looking to make a great mmo game. If you are wondering what this game consists of, apply for the position, and if you get accepted I will tell all about it.

Things I am looking for in a my programmers:
- Experienced in Unity3D
- Worked on projects before
- Speaks english
- Has skype
- Works well in a team

All of the above are required. The below would add to the likelihood of you being accepted:
- 18 years of age and older
- Doesn't mind waiting to get paid
- Lives in North America (Exception: Sweden)
- Very charismatic!

Again, we are looking for people who have experience, so if you are just learning, please don't bother applying!

We can take 3 people in this category:
- 1 modeler
- 1 rigger
- 1 animator

- 1 modeler/rigger
- 1 rigger/animator
- 1 modeler/animator

Thanks for your interest!

To Apply

Send a friend request to dawson.mcmillan on skype, and message him saying "I would like to apply for a position in 3D modeling"

Jun 17, 2013
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