Craft Coin Games is a smaller publishing company looking to grab the best of the best in indie gaming.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by on Jun 21st, 2013


The team of Craft Coin are working hard on a new upcoming MMO for the PC and Mac. We have a total of 12 members and we are looking to expand quite a lot.


Dark Solution is about the last elf who cheated death during the great war against the elves. All the elves were killed off besides one and Death seeks revenge upon the elf. The user gets to choose which side he fights for depending on his actions in the tutorial level. The game will all be live so depending on your actions it effects the game greatly.


Dynamic Trade System
Dynamic Weather
Destroy able Buildings
Famous and InFamous Weapons
Bounty Hunter System
Wanted Level System
WarBands (Guilds)
No Classes

What We Need:

We are currently expanding Craft Coin to at least 35 members.

Supervisor Positions:
Level Design (1)
Animation (1)

Employee Positions:
Programming (7)
Modeler (9)
Sound Design (2)
Art (4)
PR (2)
Level Design (3)
Animation (2)

What We Look For:

We expect our Supervisors to be organized, strict and mature. They need to be able to lead there department and make sure everything is on the right track. You will need to have great expertise in your department and would have the time to at least be on Skype for 4-6 Hours everyday.

We expect our Employees to be able to do what they are told, not argue about they style of the game or try to change the game mechanics. You will need to have intermediate skills in your department and will be able to be online Skype for at least 3-5 Hours a day.

What We Have:

We have been working for 4 months now and we have got a good amount of models finished, some concept art finished, the leveling system is almost complete, and working on a dungeon level for the game.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to complete this game and continue with making multiple games.


After completing a couple games when we get a steady income you will get paid for your work.

Please Contact me through Skype or Email me if you want a fast response!

Note: I will send pictures of the game work so far through either Skype or Email.

Skype: Branbon1016

To Apply

Skype: Branbon1016

Mar 24, 2013
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