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For admins of SWAT 4 game server, to make their own games. Tweek, Hell and Hellspawns.

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SWAT4 Snitch Mod
Admin Reference 4: Tweek

A. Wish More/Less Suspects


If you increase this number, the map can produce more suspects. But not always.

Some of the custom maps can spawn more than 100 suspects, and you can use this setting to control those number, to reduce the game lag.


B. Hellspawns / The other suspects


gWishMaxModMultiplier=0.5 means, Hellspawns / All suspects = 0.5 ...(*1), 1.0 is the max.

The other suspects = All suspects - Hellspawns

Hellspawns: Spawned by Hell mode.
The other suspects: This can be the original suspects, or the suspects of other mods.

If you want to make the mission harder, increase the number. This doesn't work if the original suspects are far tougher than the Hellspawns, though.
If you want to see the original suspects(or suspects specially designed by the other mods) more in the mission, decrease the number.
If you want to see the suspects more at the locations where the map designer set, decrease the number.


*1 Corrected: From gWishMaxModMultiplier=0.5 means, Hellspawns / The other suspects = 0.5

*1 Corrected: From gWishHellSpawningMode=0.5 To gWishMaxModMultiplier=0.5

C. Spawn suspects with civilian looks


Most of them are weak, with less skills, with poor equipments.
But there are some exceptions, which are specially modded, and can take the different actions than the others in specific situations.
Old Man and Heavy Female are this kind.

Plus, this setting can spawn the nurses(suspects) and the doctors(suspects) in the maps which originally have at least 1 doctor or 1 nurse.


D. Call for the Reinforcement


Players can revive the deads by using a Reinforcement Ticket.

In Team Campaign game mode, players are given free Reinforcement Tickets, and if you want to make the mission easier in that game mode, increase the number.

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