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In this tutorial you will read how to make Portal 1, Portal Gun work in Portal 2

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To use this tutorial you need basic know of Source Engine folder structure

Extract Portal Gun files

Go to %STEAMUSERDIR% (Steam\steamapps\common) open Portal (Portal\portal) open vpk "portal_pak_dir.vpk"

Open it

Open folder "models" and extract folder "weapons" in it.

Models done! But textures...

In the same vpk open "materials\models\weapons" and extract folder "weapons".

Moving to Portal 2

In your mod directory create folder called "pak01_dir" in "pak01_dir" create folders: "materials,models".

Put models into "models\weapons\<PORTAL GUN FILES>".

And materials into "materials\models\weapons\<PORTAL GUN FILES>".

Packaging VPK (Else it won't work)

Make sure that your mod directory is open. Then in another window open "%STEAMUSERDIR%\Portal 2\bin\"

Drag your "pak01_dir" into "vpk.exe" that you will find in "Portal 2\bin".

Wait proccess to complete and your vpk file called "pak01_dir" will appear in mod directory.

If it not apIpears try to find it in "Portal 2\bin" (It is rare)

When you need to override more Portal 2 content in your mod do the same operation, but with other files.

Fixing Viewmodel FOV (Optional)

DISCLAMER: This will change FOV in the main game too!

Open Developer Conole in-game/open file config.cfg in "<YOUR MOD DIRECTORY>\cfg"

In-game method

Developer Console

And command "viewmodel_offset_y 1.5" (This value is slightly inaccurate)

config.cfg Method

Open file config.cfg in "<YOUR MOD DIRECTORY>\cfg"

Find line "viewmodel_offset_y 0" (Default value is 0)

And change 0 to 1.5

Your line will be looking right now like this: "viewmodel_offset_y 1.5" (This value is slightly inaccurate)

Download working Portal Gun Model

Coming soon...

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