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This tutorial aims to solve the issue related to certain textures not being visible. Notable examples are the spots/rings from the UK mission "Rescue", roads, paths, and railroad tracks.

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There are two ways to solve this issue and both should yield similar results.


  1. Download the latest version of d3d8.dll from here.
  2. Drag the d3d8.dll into the same folder as the game executable (e.g, where Soldiers.exe is located).
  3. Use ONE of the two solutions below.

A. Using ReShade:

  1. Download ReShade from
  2. Launch the ReShade setup.
  3. Browse and select the game executable (e.g, Soldiers.exe).
  4. Select DirectX9.
  5. Click skip on the next two prompts (you may adjust settings if you want shaders/post-process effects).
  6. Launch the game.
  7. Complete / Skip the ReShade tutorial.

Credits to the person who solved the issue more than two years ago: s2601d

B. Using ENB Convertor:

  1. Download ENB Convertor (DX8 to DX9) v0.0036 from
  2. Extract ONLY the enbconvertor.ini file and put it into the same folder as the game executable.
  3. Launch the game.

A solution I found ages ago, but had a GUI problem when using the included d3d8.dll.


"Rescue" - before:

"Rescue" - after:

Railroad tracks - before:

Railroad tracks - after:

Other Notes:

  • crosire's d3d8.dll v1.11.1 was used.
  • ReShade Version 5.2.2 was used.

Thanks for the fixes.

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