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A Text Guide on how to make your own custom kits for SOAF.

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Go to your SOAF Folder, go to "Tools" and drag "SOAFIE.EXE" to your main SOAF folder.

Go to Mods and make a new Folder and name it what you want to name your custom loadout mod, then make a "ModsCont" text file with notepad:

This is the default mods cont text from the "OriginalMiss" (so base game) folder: change at least the NAME part to something you can recognize in the game's options.

// Mods Contents
NAME "Sum of All Fears"
AUTHOR "Red Storm Entertainment"
VERSION "1.00"
MULTIPLAYER "Server-Client"

Now make a Folder caled "Kit" and then a Folder in that called "team"

Now boot up SOAFIE and click on the "Tools" tab on the top left of the screen and go to "Kit Editor" as well as "Outfit Editor"

Outfit Editor lets you see the SP Loadouts and what specific Kits are used for them, I do not recommend changing these as I had an issue personally where it'd change the default outfits even if done in a mod folder, I just use this to check what I'm trying to change in a loadout. (for instance, the M203 M16 Kit used in one the loadouts is actually an MP Kit.)

Now in the Kit Editor, go to the loadout you want to change when you try to open a kit it'll to to the "equip" folder by default, click on "look in" then "originalmiss" and then click on the kits folder, you are now in the kits folder and then the team folder, select the kit you want to change, (for instance, the Full Assault kit with the Jackhammer)

You will now have the kit open, change what guns/gear you want to change.

Now click "save" but do not click save again (usually the program will prevent you changing the default kits due to them being read-only but better safe than sorry), instead click on "save in", select "mods" then click on your mod folder, then kits, then team and save it in there without re-naming it.

Now when you play the SP with that mod loaded, your kits will be changed but you can go back to the vanilla kits easily by disabling that mod in-game.

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