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How to use mod PUA-F1
with a Steam version of Total War Empire.


Operations procedure.

0. If the original game has been installed on your computer for a long time, we highly recommend reinstalling it,
because parts of the extraneous modifications you previously used may be present in its files. And it can lead to problems.
In this case, the game should be deleted in a physical way, that is, you should physically delete the entire contents of the Total War Empire folder with your hands,
which is located at C :\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Empire
Also, in a physical way, you should delete the contents of the Empire folder, which is located at: C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Empire.
Also, you should completely delete the old version of the modification if it has been installed. In the same place, also - in a physical way.

1. In a cleared place, through Steam, install the Steam version of the game.

2. We launch the game through Steam or the Total War EMPIRE label - the campaign is loaded. After loading, we immediately leave the game.
The Steam remains on.

3. Unpack archive with mod ETW-PUA. - The ETW-PUA-Steam folder is transferred from the archive with fashion to any place of your computer.
You need to extract it with a mouse from the archive once - from any part of the archive, - anywhere on a computer with more than 40 GB of free space.

4. Attach all content from the ETW-PUA-Steam folder to the Empire Total War folder of the game. With replacement.
*The Total War Empire game folder is located at: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Empire

5. Restart the computer.

6. Now we run "Pirates Launcher" as the administrator!(it is located: Empire Total War/data/PIRATES/...).
A menu appears.
Be sure to press the button "PUA-settings" - with authoring mode settings (then you can customize already in the game, to your taste)!
Choose any campaign - turn on, play (subsequently make Pirates Launcher a label - we put it on our desktop).
* In the future, we launch the game through Pirates Launcher on behalf of the administrator!
You can run the game from Steam or from the shortcut of the original game - a default campaign will be launched without choice.

* Verify game with Steam when using mod - CAN NOT!
* You can't use extraneous sub-mods and mods.
* Removal of modes is performed physically, along with the game (through the removal of the Total War Empire folder).
The original game without modes is then reinstalled in the usual way - with the help of Steam.

* Do not pay attention to the appearing signs! They must be closed AFTER the end of the game.
Two black and one white plate, appear from the fact that the VDM application is present in the assembly, but it can either not be used,
or remove it altogether - read about it under the corresponding buttons of the Pirates Launcher. By default, VDM is not activated.
* If you are very annoyed by these signs, then remove the VDM at all and there will be no signs - there is a button in the launcher that allows you to do this.

* Information about Pirates Launcher buttons opens when you move the cursor over them!

* If you accidentally uninstall VDM and want to embed it in the game again, through recovery files,
then the recovery files should be taken from the "VDM-recovery" folder. The files there (from the ETW-PUA-Steam folder),
should be put in the Total War Empire game folder. With replacement. VDM will be restored in this way.
* For a detailed description of the VDM application and how to use it, see the appropriate Pirates Launcher buttons.


The main rules to be followed.

- Run saves only from the campaigns where they were created!
- When unpacking modes, monitor the amount of disk space and clipboard cleanliness!

* The total size of the ETW-PUA-Steam folder is about 30 GB.


A few technical tips from experienced users. Universal hyde for stable play in old games and modifications based on them.

1. Installation NET Framework 3.5 for Windows 10.

2. Installing Libraries Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes.

3. Install and Update DirectX.

4. Setting Processor Time Distribution.

5. Comprehensive system maintenance is welcome: updating drivers, cleaning, defragmentation.

These simple tips will allow the player to fully enjoy the modification, without crashes and hangings.


* Desktop files! what is it?
Updates or upgrades are periodically released for each version of the mod assembly, possibly fixes,
and so that every day we do not archive 30 GB,
and do not recharge, we put updates in the folder: "Files from the desktop!"
They should be updated.
How to update? - Next to them lies the instruction.
If something large and important appears there, an announcement is made on the corresponding portals on the Internet.
All sorts of things - there is updated silently, without announcements.
And the date of the files will tell you when something appeared or updated again.
If there is too much new material in the folder,
we load it into the main modification, recharge the entire assembly and also make an announcement about recharging.
After that, the folder "Files from the desktop!" Is reset to zero and waits for filling again.

* Information about sabmodes and applications,
as well as "Files from the desktop" for the main mode should be searched on the project development portals:


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