Post tutorial RSS How i design, and plan my levels.

This is the process that i take everytime i plan out a new level.

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I start off by using a graphite pencil on a graph pad. I draw the geometry and line of progression.

I will also draw, NPCS, Props, Labels for Functions, and etc.

I go for this approach because it gives me focus, and let's me imagine what my level would look like.

In post, i'm ready to throw out ideas, or a whole map, simply because that it hinders the progress or something. I also take that time to improv on certain things, which could be adding a secret, or having a cool sequence play out. It ends up giving it a bit of charm. IMG 20220826 051053 1

Events and Sequences.

Here is the drawn out map for an upcoming chapter 4 level.

In this map, you would be coming out of Big Brother's Lab and overlooking a massive strech of road. This is the first time in the mod, where the payoff is shown to you directly, the player, looking out at their end goal, or position.

The Player, at ease after the last level. Would have to run from a foe, before taking cover in this warehouse of sorts. Being ambushed by enemies, they then would run out and crawl under a fence to get over the other side of the road that was blocked off. In the meantime, canisters would start hurdling their way down towards you. Making your way on the other side, you would enter this shed or utility building; before sliding down some terrain. You would then enter this courtyard where you would fight some enemies, before crawling under another broken fence. After this, you would run down into this house, and the level would load.


As you can see, i've drawn out various props for gameplay purposes. These are markers i use so i can plan prop placement, as i find personally that adding props willy nilly destroys the setting. I also improv as well.


Now, i load up HAMMER SDK to build the geometry. I start off with the geometry, then adding in scripted sequences to give it gameplay functions, and then, detailing it. When i'm done with a chapter, i go back on all of the levels, and polish them. I also take this time to improv.

Youtube Channel.

Show me some love! I've uploaded most of the OST on there! As well as some other treats and goodies...

EDIT: Sorry sometimes for my odd grammar. I think it's because i'm just really excited to share something, or i'm just super autistic. Idk.

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FYI, this was supposed to be revealed on the 29th, but Mod DB bugged out.

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