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Everything you wanted to know about IKNingen Integrated.

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(1) I can't seem to get the Volcanic Forge or the Macrokiosk at the Penguin Bay, what should I do?

Answer: There are quest requirements associated with these two objects.

(2) Is this Frackin' Universe-compatible?

Great pains have been taken (like with most other mods on Steam for Starbound) to keep this mod FU-compliant as possible. However, in the unlikely event of a bug, crash or other issue, you are advised to leave a comment here, along with a link to a starbound.log file and/or supporting evidence such as screenshots.

(3) Some items originally available under the old IKN shop system from WW Furnishings are missing! is this a bug?

Unfortunately no.
Four themes have been removed entirely from commercial access, namely the Sea Voyage, Colourful Bohemian, Art Deco, Sleek & Elegant and CT-EXE theme packs. These are now sold by NPC merchants, wherever they are present, or most notably through merchant tenant quests as are variants of currently unlocked packs that can be accessed through the MacroKiosk. The next time a merchant tenant asks you to help him expand his inventory, consider helping him. Especially if he's a Phox, Ningen, Sanglar ... or Scyphojel.

(4) Why are there no dungeons?

I have not learnt how to properly code in dungeons. I have also been reading up on how to do it and some authors of mods suggests keeping dungeons in a separate pack where possible.

(5) What future updates can we expect with this mod?

- Proper dialogue for all Ningen which is distinct from the standard English used by the Human race.
- More integration with Frackin' Universe! Izzy left behind lots and lots of computer units which don't do anything other than sit around and look pretty. That may change over time!
- A proper "Food court". See details above.

However, due to time constraints it isn't exactly known when *exactly* these new additions will be made availble.

(6) I examined the Volcanic Forge, and found a reference to Volcanic Forge Miniatures. How do I access content associated with them?

Please see this site for more information, at

chaos lord khorne unit 3 chaos lord head glow

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