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In this guide, I will describe the simple process of fixing Creative Assembly's oversight in Empire: Total War, namely the way that king Frederick of Denmark and king Charles XII of Sweden share the same portrait. This small tutorial will also serve as an introduction to erasmus777's excellent ESF Editor for Total War Games. After fixing this, you can use my portrait mod without being disturbed by the duplicate portraits.

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1. Installing ESF Editor

First, go to this link and download the tool used to edit the starting game definitions ("startpos.esf"):

Install per the instructions given.

2. Open Empire's startpos.esf

Open the editor and click "File" --> "Open ESF" --> "SteamLibrary" --> "steamapps" --> "common" --> "Empire Total War" --> "data" --> "campaigns" --> "main" --> startpos.esf.

3. Navigate to the Kings' section

Click on the small "+" sign next to each node to expand it. This is the path you should open:

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Change 039.tga to 040.tga, then save the file.



This is not true. You must change the entry under ministers tab to correct the double portrait for Denmark king. And any other.

Thanks for great mod.

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