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If you are struggling to get resources and money, you can get some good drops in a place called Blue Research off of Blue Outpost!

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Here's a great way to get some easy money if you've got an Excommunicator or Abstructor weapon! This is mainly useful for low level players finding it hard to get resources in the universe! You can enter Blue Research in Blue Outpost by using a Blue Vapour which can be mined from the asteroids there.

An asteroid belt orbits the central sun and can provide you with some valuable commodities. Vis and Petroleum are plentiful while Energon, Quantumum and Rubicite drop rarely!

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You can also get blue whispers and blue aethers in blue outpost from the blue asteroids, and in Blue Research you can get blue dusts. :)

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You can also get fermium from the asteroids and turn it into promethium, but most of the AI bases are full of prom these days! ^^

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