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Missing all those tracks from the PS2 version? Want to add them back in? I've got you covered.

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With the move from PS2 to PC, there were a lot of things cut, some things changed, and of course, some things still fine as they are.
One thing notably different is the soundtrack. It's lacking songs from both eras, and overall, it makes the experience repetitive, from an audio selection perspective at least.
I recommend turning the volume for music down to half that of sound effects for optimal performance, though I made sure to keep the volume of added tracks reasonably close to the original music included
with the game.

[How it works and Conclusion]
The way this works, the game's engine loads .XA files from the music directory for each era... 01-50 being 70's era and 51-99 being the 2006 era.
However, due to certain complications when porting over the Driver: Parallel Lines experience, yes, a lot of audio had to be cut.
Yet for some reason, it's possible to load .XA files in their place and still allow this game to function.
I made sure to find each and every track that was left out, refine them, and add them in, for a complete experience.
Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps!

[Missing Track List]
For those wondering what all was left out...

Black Heat - Love the Life You Live
Dizzy Dizzy - Can
Charles Wright - Express Yourself
Joe Bataan - Subway Joe
Parliament - Red Hot Mama
Oscar Brown Jr. - Gang Bang
Average White Band - Pick Up the Pieces
United 8 - Gettin' Uptown
King Errisson - Sleep Talk
Suicide - Ghost Rider
The Politicians - Free Your Mind
The Meters - People Say
The Damned - Smash It Up

ILS - Intro Reprise
Cagedbaby - Cagedbaby
Automato - Cool Boots
Warren Suicide - Adjusting Ourselves
The Dead 60's - A Different Age
The Cribs - Hey Scenesters
Lyrics Born - I Change My Mind
TV On The Radio - New Health Rock
The Secret Machines - Nowhere Again
Roots Manuva - Too Cold
Narco - Worth It
Narco - No Consequences
Infadels - Can't Get Enough
Louis XIV - Louis XIV
The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny

*Credits to Air Chomp to find each and every one of the tracks that were left out in the PC version of the game

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